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        雅思口語 Part2&3 話題匯總情況.doc 47頁

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        An Old Friend (P179) Describe a friend you have known for a long time. You should say: how you first met how you keep in contact what kind of person he or she is and explain how your friendship has lasted so long. ? Part 3 questions (P333) ? The Nature of Friendship Do you think having friends is important? What are some differences between friendship in the past and friendship today? Making (New) Friends How do people in your country meet (make) new friends? Where do people go to meet new people (make new friends)? What do you think is the most important factor when making new friends? Do you think it's easy for people to make friends with others who are (much) older or younger than themselves? Do you think the way people make new friends today is different to the way people used to make friends in the past? Do you think modern technology influences how people make friends? Do you like making new friends on the internet? What's the difference between making friends on the internet and making friends by face to face contact? Why do you think some people have problems making (new)?? friends? A Friend Who is a Good Leader? Describe a friend who you think is a good leader. You should say: who this friend is how you first met this person how other people behave towards him/her and explain why you think he/she is a good leader. ? Leadership Qualities Would you like to (do you want to) be a leader? Why do some people not want to be a leader? Why do we need leaders? What abilities are needed to be a leader, for example, a company manager? What are the differences between a leader and other (ordinary) people? What are the responsibilities of leadership? How can leaders influence others? Training Future Leaders How do some people become leaders? What can parents do to encourage the development of leadership abilities in their children? Do you think future leaders will be better than present ones?? What roles (in society) will leaders of the future have to play? Wh


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