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        學生用)詞匯試題匯編系列17.doc 14頁

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        上大市北附中2016屆高一年級英語組·上海牛津課文·詞匯語法及翻譯試題匯編 PAGE PAGE 14 上海牛津教材·詞匯語法及翻譯試題匯編·系列(17) 上大市北附中2016屆高一英語組 2013.12.11 2014年1月上旬高一年級英語期末考試復習范圍及題型分值 聽力理解10分。2篇passages,6題共6分;1篇填空,4題共4分。 詞匯單項10分。集中考查U5&U6兩個單元4篇課文重點詞匯、核心搭配及相關拓展。復習范圍:牛津教材、匯編17-20、教材全解及詞匯筆記,約60%原題重現或微改。 選詞填空9分。集中考查U5&U6兩個單元4篇課文重點詞匯、核心搭配及相關拓展。復習范圍:牛津教材、匯編17-20、教材全解及詞匯筆記,約60%原題重現或微改。 語法填空25分。共50題,每題0.5分。主要考查動詞填空、定從填空及狀從填空。具體為:動詞填空20題共10分;定從填空10題共5分;狀從填空20題共10分。復習范圍:“期末迎考之語法精練”(1-6套);語法筆記及相關練習卷。 完形填空10分。1篇文章10道題共40個選項,其中包含U5及U6的詞匯。 閱讀理解18分。課外3篇文章9道題,每題2分??疾橥瑢W們的篇章閱讀理解能力。 7. 中譯英18分。6句,其中3句定從,3句狀從。6個句子均整合自U5及U6課文詞組。 注:為強化鞏固語法,本系列匯編17-20僅輯錄詞匯翻譯試題,語法填空及翻譯另見“精練”1-6。 單項選擇 Can you tell facts ___________opinions? A. with B. to C. of D. from Debbie argued _______ Simon ________ the choice of food for dinner. A. for; with B. with; about C. about; with D. with; for 3. It is easy for ordinary people to be _____ by the attractive packages of goods on display. A. contained B. influenced C. mixed D. effected 4. The World Health Organization warns that a lot of people are _______ risk from various diseases because of their unhealthy diets. A. in B. for C. at D. on 【考點梳理】risk必背用法及搭配: 5. Doing morning exercise __________ will do much good to your health, and therefore, it is strongly recommended to the general public. A. ordinarily B. especially C. regularly D. generally 6. Betty likes to __ small animals, such as kitties, puppies. Which of the following is wrong? A. raise B. feed C. keep D. grow 7. Before making a decision, you’d better ______ what you will get and what you will lose. A. tell B. contain C. balance D. advise 8. The price of vegetables has increased these days _______ the price of fruits has decreased sharply. A. otherwise B. for C. while D. however 9. Most experts can ______ an expensive diamond from a cheap one. A. recognize B. realize C. understand D. tell 10. He is a man full of ______,


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