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        新職業英語1酒店英語Unit8.ppt 85頁

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        Thank You! 新職業英語 中國勞動關系學院高等職業技術學院 新職業英語 Suggested Sample Attendant (A): Housekeeping. May I clean your room now? Ms. Williams (W): I’m afraid it’s not a good time to do it because I’m leaving for a meeting in a minute. Can you come back later? A: What time would it be convenient for you, madam? W: How about lunchtime? I’ll be free then. A: I’m afraid we’re not allowed to do cleaning between 12 noon and 2 p.m. W: Oh, I didn’t know that. Then can you clean my room at 4 o’clock this afternoon? A: All right. So I’ll come back at 4 o’clock to clean your room. I’m sorry to have disturbed you. W: It’s OK. Thank you very much. A: You’re welcome. Goodbye. Speaking Speaking Task 3 The words or expressions in the box are used to describe a faulty facility in the guestroom. Complete the following conversation about maintenance service in a hotel, using the words or expressions in the box. Change the form where necessary. run over flush keep dripping cannot use out of order there seems to be something wrong with Room Center Clerk (C): Good morning, Room Center. How may I help you? Guest (G): This is Jean Williams calling from Room 803. (1) _____________the bathroom. C: What seems to be the trouble, Ms. Williams? G: The toilet (2)______________ . The water in the tank (3) _______. C: I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t worry, Ms. Williams. I’ll send a plumber to your room right away. G: Also the tap (4) ___________. It is a huge waste of water. But more importantly I simply (5) ______________the bathroom now. Speaking run over flush keep dripping cannot use out of order there seems to be something wrong with C: I’m very sorry for the trouble, Ms. Williams. I’ll tell the Maintenance Department to look into it in no time. I apologize for the


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